Importance of Social Media in Internet Marketing

The use of social media has become an essential aspect for businesses, artists, sports teams, and so much more to get their brand widely known inside the world of the Internet. Currently, online businesses rely on a strong share of their publicity efforts and money on social media.

The Internet is a massive networking infrastructure, a perfect place to show the products and services of our business. And social media are the ideal platform to do so.

To achieve the maximum positive results from social media marketing is necessary to develop healthy communication with costumers. It is highly important to reply every time a customer comments on your page.

Social media marketing comes with a lot of benefits that both new and established brands should start taking advantage of today. New brands create their social media profiles each day in the pursuit of probable clients.

Benefits for Businesses

Utilizing social media for the marketing of an online business has a series of advantages. Through these platforms, it is possible to introduce our brand to thousands or even millions of people.


To increase the visibility of our business it’s necessary to create some social media profiles and start networking with other people and businesses. Recent studies determined that spending a couple of hours a day it’s an effective way to raise our brand’s recognition.

Low-risk Investment

Creating a social media page for our business it’s free on most platforms. Internet marketing via social media is an amazingly profitable opportunity, as it has almost no cost aside from paid advertising.

Using social media is one of the most cost-effective ways for internet marketing, whether you decide to invest or not in paid advertising, which is usually a good strategy if done with precaution.

Customer Interaction

Through each of the different social media platforms, it is possible to get feedback directly from costumers. It is an invaluable opportunity for every business.

Establishing two-way communication with clients allows us to both deliver our services in a greater way, and to receive feedback for future solutions.

Promotes Loyalty

Besides getting a new brand known, and having new clients, a new business needs to develop loyal costumers. These will become the foundation for the brand to keep growing in the coming years.

The connection with costumers through social media results in more customer loyalty as it starts a bond with every one of them.

Better SEO

Search engine optimization is one of the biggest obsessions for today’s internet entrepreneurs. Despite there are many factors that influence your brand’s website ranking, having a larger presence in social media is a strong aspect in the calculation of these rankings.

Starting a new online business and doing social media marketing must go by the hand. It will promote your business in an effective, affordable way. Nevertheless, each social media has different ways to succeed on, it is the business’s task to learn the specific strategies to boost their products and services. Engaging in social media marketing it’s an obligation for online businesses looking to be more powerful.

Ecommerce VS Affiliate Marketing – A Review of Both

A lot of people have the desire to start an online business of some sort.  The beauty about this type of work is that you can do it anywhere.  Most people decide to work from home while others enjoyed traveling and living in different countries while working from their laptop.  Some will even rent office space but this is totally unnecessary unless you want to separate your home from business. How many other businesses that you know of that offers this kind of freedom?

Chances are you have reached this article because you are looking for some kind of online business to do. One of your biggest challenges in the beginning is deciding what to do. The question is, will it be ecommerce or affiliate marketing. This is what this article will discuss.

Ecom and Affiliate Marketing – The Differences

With affiliate marketing, you are selling other peoples products. This can be something tangible like a dash cam or an information product. If someone clicks on your affiliate link, you get a percentage of the sale. You never see the products and it’s one of the easiest businesses to get started. With ecommerce, you are basically a reseller of a manufacturers goods. Drop Shipping is a very common model with ecom and here you don’t see the products either but as customers order them you do the same with the manufacturer. You are marking up the products to make a profit.

Cons of Ecommerce

Most of the time, an ecommerce business will require more startup capital than an affiliate business. If you are not doing the drop shipping model, you will need to order the products, have them shipped, labeled boxed and then re-shipped to your customers. This model is time consuming but the advantage is that your customer will get the products sooner than with drop shipping from China.

Advantages of Affiliate Marketing

Because you are selling other peoples products and/or services, this means you never have to worry about stocking your shelves, customer service, shipping, etc. All this is very time consuming so you can focus on one thing – marketing.

Another advantage is that the startup costs are very low. You could set up a free blog on a web 2.0 property or start a Youtube channel where you can talk about products that you like and have an affiliate link. You can also start today, right after reading this article.

Disadvantages With Affiliate Marketing

The biggest disadvantage is that you are held to the mercy of the affiliate. If for some reason they drop their affiliate program, you stop getting paid. Or, they may lower commission rates or even go out of business. This is why you can’t stick to one business or affiliate, you have to diversify.

Another issue is the restrictions. You have to play by the rules. For example some affiliates do not allow you to use any negative keywords in your campaign like “scam” and so on. So you are pretty limited with what you can say.

Also, once the affiliate has the customers information, you no longer own that customer, the affiliate does and they can market their other products and services to them directly, cutting you out in the process.

My Recommendation

I like both models but as a beginner, affiliate marketing wins hands down. This is because of the very low startup costs. It’s much better to fail time and time again without losing much money than the opposite. In any online business be prepared to fail. The ones that win are the ones that stick around and keep trying until they see success. You can get more info on this on a review blog of internet marketing products, just have a look at ecommerce and affiliate marketing reviews by Drew’s Review for more information and inspiration. If you’re going to buy any courses, make sure you check reviews for that course first as you don’t want to be buying a dud.

The Right Course to Buy

If you’re looking to buy a course to help you to make money online whether it is in e-commerce or something else, it’s important that you buy the right course to suit your needs.  There are many different types of courses out there but not all of them are the same.  Some will go into great detail in charge a lot of money while others will have a very low price tag but also have very little information.

The best way to find a course is to ask around and different forums or through people that you know that are in the industry.  Of course you want to ask the ones that are successful because you deftly do not want to buy a course that someone else got who was not doing well.  However, the course could be good but the person that is learning from it is simply not applying themselves.  This is one of the main problems when it comes to learning from a course.  The material may be great and the person that wrote it could have made a lot of money using the same tactics but if this information is not executed you will never get ahead.

The layout of the course is very important.  A course needs to have very easy to understand language and knees to be laid out well.  It should also come with plenty of visual aids such as videos and images.  Courses that are simply text only are much harder to learn from when comparing it to a course that focuses on video.  Video is one of the best ways to convey a message and most smart marketers who create a course will use mostly video.

Course prices can range anywhere from $49.00 to over $5000.  For the $49.00 course you can probably expect to have maybe a few videos or a few small modules in text format only.  For more expensive courses there will probably be hundreds of hours of content in the form of video and text.  For the more expensive courses you can also expect to have weekly webinars and also the ability to join a social group which will most likely be on Facebook.

Before buying any course make sure that you establish your budget first and try not to go over it too much.  Also you don’t want to buy a course just because you can afford it.  If you find a course that is much better that also more expensive you’re better off saving up your money for the better course then investing in something that may not do well for you.